Aim of the NSAC

The aim of the NSAC is to work towards integrated and sustainable management of North Sea fisheries in the wider context of the sustainability of the marine environment. A map detailing the North Sea area and areas covered by other Advisory Councils is detailed here; Map of Advisory Councils


The principle objective of the NSAC is to prepare and provide advice on the management of the fisheries of the North Sea on behalf of stakeholders in order to promote the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy. This will be done within the general aim of attaining the sustainable management of fisheries, incorporating an ecosystem based approach and based of the precautionary principle.

Annual Work Plan

Each year the NSAC agrees a work plan with its members which is approved by the European Commission. The work plan identifies specific areas of work that will be addressed and sets out the meeting schedule for the year.

The NSAC workplan  for 2017-18 is available here NSAC Workplan 2017-18

Rules of Procedure

The NSAC operates within a set of procedures and policies agreed by its membership; the NSAC rules of Procedure. 2014 Rules of Procedure
NSAC advice is produced by following set guidelines for development and publication of papers. Protocol for NSAC Advice