External Reports

Scheveningen Group

Reports issued by the Scheveningen Group.

Joint Recommendation for Turbot 20181020 Joint Recommendation for turbot

Discard plan for the industrial fisheries in the Kattegat, Skagerrak and the North Sea; Sch Ind Fish NS final 2014 07 17

Discard plan for pelagic fisheries in the North Sea; https://nsrac-y.sharepoint.com/personal/hotadmin_nsrac_onmicrosoft_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?guestaccesstoken=nfntO5FQl4XBOWsSEXrJXNIN19cYc%2fNT0wzx%2fh8ypKA%3d&docid=04f067ec7372b472682b7ec56de82810a

European Commission

SCIP North Sea
Fishing Ops 2018 report on advice

Fishing Opportunities 2018

2nd Scoping Workshop, Mixed Fisheries Management for North Sea Demersal Stocks MReport Scoping wshop mixed fish


Visit the website of the Directorate General for Fisheries;  DG Fisheries

European Parliament Reports

The Landings Obligation and its Implications on the Control of Fisheries (Published Oct. 2015) LO Implications on Control

A New Technical Measures Framework for the New Common Fisheries Policy (Published Oct. 2015) NewTech Meas FWrk for CFP

The Social and Economic Impact of the Penalty Point System (Published Feb. 2016) Soc & Econ Impact of the Penalty Point System


Report of MIACO 2015 MIACO_2015

Advice on North Sea Stocks 2015  NSAC_StocksAdvice

General Context of ICES Advice General_context_of_ICES_advice_2015

Visit the ICES website ;  http://www.ices.dk/Pages/default.aspx


Niels Wichmann represents NSAC at EFCA meetings.

Report of Advisory Board Meeting – 18th February 2015. EFCA AdvBoard 20150218