Demersal Working Group – 13th July 2015, Brussels

The NSAC Demersal Working Group met on Monday  13th July  2015 in Brussels.

DWG20150713Brussels Agenda(3)

Report of the Meeting
DWG Brussels 2015 07 13 MReport App

Paper 2.1 Report of last meeting (For app)
Paper 5.1 Pulse Gear (For Disc)
Annex to Paper 5.1
Paper 6.1 Brown Shrimp (For Disc)
Paper 7.1 Mon, Cont & Enf (For Disc)
Paper 9.1 Sea Bass Cons (For Disc)
Link to ICES Advice
Industry Briefing Handout 2015                       guestaccesstoken=k08%2fX%2b3%2fMbKLGj4PydAsR9s0aISiXs8lguMlhaerHkY%3d&docid=0060a3902defc457b981a7b69e7eb3c23
Paper 11.1 Fishing ops 2016 (For Info)
Annex to Paper 11.1

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