Demersal Working Group – 14th July 2016, Aberdeen

The Demersal Working Group met  on 14th July 2016 in Aberdeen.

DWG 20160714 Aberdeen Agenda(4)

Report of the Meeting
Report of DWG 20160714 (Approved)

Paper 2.1 Report of DWG 20160412 Den Haag (For App)
Paper 5.1 Summary of ICES Advice 2(For Info)
Paper 6.1 Reflections on the JR for NS Discard Plan (For Info)
Paper 8.1 Response to Tech Con Frame Reg (For Disc)
Paper 9.1 Fishing Opps 2017 (For Info)
Paper 9.2 NSAC Response to Fishing 2017 Draft TORs (For Disc)
Paper 10.1 Sea Bass Management in North Sea (For Disc) Will be circulated via e-mail.
Paper 10.2 DG Mare response to NWWAC Sea bass (For Info)

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