Demersal Working Group – 13th July 2017, Edinburgh

The Demersal Working Group met on 13th July in Edinburgh.

DWG 20170713 Edinburgh Agenda3

Report of Meeting
DWG 20170713 MReport (2) Approved

Paper 2.1 Report of DWG 20170419 (For Approval)
Paper 4.1 Summary of ICES Advice (For Disc)
Paper 6.1 Managing Fisheries within the LO (For Disc)
Paper 7.1 NSAC Response to the NS MAP (For Info)
Paper 8.1 NSAC Advice Pipeline (For Disc)
Item 9. European Court of Auditors Report: EU Fisheries Control
Paper 10.1 Eel Management (For Disc)
Paper 11.1 Fishing Opportunities 2018 (For Disc)

ICES Advice for 2018