NSAC Executive Committee – 9th March 2017, The Hague

The Executive Committee was held in The Hague on 9th March

Ex Com 20170309 DenHaag MReport1

NSAC EXCOM 20170309 Agenda 3

Paper 1.2 Report-of-Ex-Com-Sept 2016 for Approval
Paper 6.1 Implementing LO in 291819 V5 (For Info or Discussion)
Paper 8.2 Data Collection Framework Proposal (For approval)
Paper 12.2 2015-16 Audited Accounts (For info)
Paper 12.4 20170211 About NSAC Deficit to Aberdeenshire
Paper 14.1 NSAC Appointments 2017-18 (For Info)
Paper 15.1 Membership Update (For App)