NSAC Executive Committee – 13th June 2017, Paris

The  Executive Committee  was held in Paris on 13th – 14th June 2017.

NSAC EXCOM 20170613 Agenda 6

Report of Meeting

Paper 2.1 Report of Meeting 9 March 2017 (For Approval)
Paper 4.1 Joint Rec Discard Plan for N Sea (For Disc)
Paper 4.2 Joint Rec Discard Plan Annexes
Paper 5.1 Managing Fisheries within the LO (For Disc)
Paper 5.2 NSAC Response to NSMAP (For Approval)
Paper 5.3 NSAC Response to NSMAP Covering Letter (For Approval)
Paper 7.1 Incorporating Socio-Economics to NSAC Advice (For Disc)
Paper 7.2 North Sea Energy Hub (For Info)
Paper 8.1 Preparing and Presenting NSAC Advice (For Discussion)
Paper 8.2 NSAC Advice Forward Plan
Paper 10.1 Contracted Services (For App)

Evaluation of Control Regulation