NSAC Executive Committee – 19th June 2015, Edinburgh

The Executive Committee met in Edinburgh on Friday 19th June 2015.

NSAC 2015 06 19 Ex Com Agenda (2)

Report of the Meeting 

The new North Sea demersal mixed-fisheries plan

Paper 2.1 Report of Meeting 20150311 (For App)
Paper 3.1 JR Discard Plan for N Sea (For Info)
Annex to Paper 3.1
Paper 4.1 Fishing Ops 2016  Cons (For Info)
Annex to  Paper 4.1
Paper 5.1 Output Sea Bass Workshop (For Info)
Paper 8.1 SPWG Update (For Info)
Paper 11.1 Role of NSAC Groups (For Disc)
Paper 11.2 Protocol for NSAC papers (For App)
Paper 12.1 Work Plan Priorities (For  Disc)
Paper 13.1 NSAC Appointments (For Info)
Paper 13.2 Contracted Services (For App)
Paper 14.1 Finance Report and 15-16 fees (For App)
Annex to  Paper 14.1 Finance Report
Paper 14.2 Amend to  Travel Policy (For App)
Paper 15.1 Membership Update  (For App)
Annex to Paper 15.1 Membership App