NSAC Executive Committee – 11th March 2015, Copenhagen

The NSAC Executive Committee met  in Copenhagen on Wednesday 11th March, 2015.

NSAC EXCOM 2015 03 11 Agenda 2

Report of the Meeting
Ex Comm 20150311 CHagen MReport6

DiscardLess, Clara Ulrich
ICES work 2015 and beyond

Paper 2.1 Meeting Report (For App)
Paper 4.1 Tech Reg Con (For App)
Paper 4.2 LO Exemptions (For App)
Phasing of the LO – new paper V2)
Paper 4.3 Mixed Fish (For Info)
Paper 4.4 Pulse Fishing (For Disc)
Paper 8.1 EDF Dis Guide (For Info)
Paper 11.1 Budget Report (For Info)
Paper 11.2 Audited Accounts (For Info)
Paper 11.3 Deficit Update (For info)
Paper 12.1 Membership Update (For App)