NSAC Funding

The NSAC is funded by annual fees from its members, a contribution from the relevant Member States and a maximum contribution of €250,000 from the European Commission.

You can view the NSAC 2015/16 budget by downloading this document. NSAC Final Budget 2015-16

Audited Accounts for Previous Years

NSAC Audited Accounts 2014/15 North Sea Advisory Council full accounts 201415
NSAC Audited Accounts 2013/14  Final accounts 160215
NSRAC Financial Report to EC 2012/13 (audited accounts) NSRAC 31 October 2013 Full Accounts
NSRAC Financial Report to EC 2011 /12 (Year end report); NSRAC 2012 signed accounts

Company Directors

Niels Wichmann
Danish Fisherman's Association
Michael Park
Scottish Fisherman's Association
Eric Lindebo
Environmental Defense Fund
Guus Pastoor
EU Fish Processors Association

Legal Status

NSAC is a not for profit organisation, a company registered in Scotland, Limited by Guarantee (Registration number SC273169).

NSAC is a body pursuing an aim of general European interest, as set out in European Council Decision 2007/409/EC of June 2007 amending Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy.