Choke Avoidance Measures – NSAC Symposium, 2nd – 3rd November 2016, Copenhagen

The NSAC hosted a  Choke Avoidance Measures symposium on 2nd – 3rd November 2016 in Copenhagen.

Chokes and how to avoid them as the landing obligation is introduced was the focus of the symposium. The symposium brought together, scientists, fishermen, fisheries managers, environmental organisations and a range of other stakeholders to discuss potential choke situations and through an open exchange of ideas and opinions generate new ideas and fresh thinking of what can be done to avoid chokes occurring.

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Report of the Meeting
NSAC Chokes Symp 20161102 MReport1 rev

161103 NSAC Choke Species presentation Pim Visser
Barrie Deas The Choke Problem presentation
Choke Symposium – De Minimis & High Survival Exemptions presentation Emiel Brouckaert
Choke Symposium – Domestic Quota Management Erik Lindebo presentation
Choke Symposium Bent Pallisgaard presentation
Choke Symposium Irene Kingma presentation with Heather Hamilton updates
Choke Symposium_ Dominic Rihan presentation
Chokes Symposium Stuart Reeves presentation with comments
NSAC symposium Jane MacPherson presentation
Phasing of the Landing Obligation Bjorn Asgard presentation
DiscardLess_to NSAC_02 November 2016 Clara Ulrich
Choke Symposium Michael Andersen presentation