Demersal Working Group – 11th July 2018 – Edinburgh

The next Demersal Working Group took place on Wednesday, 11th July 2018, and was held in Edinburgh.

Report of the Meeting 
DWG 20180711 Edinburgh MReport 2

DWG 20180711 Edinburgh Agenda (4)

Paper 2.1 Report of DWG 19th April (For Approval)
Paper 5.1Feedback from ScheveningenTG 27th June (For Info)
Paper 5.1.1 Guidance Document Interspecies Flexibility (For Info)
Paper 5.1.2 STECF Observations on JR for discard plan in North Sea (For Info)
Paper 5.2 TAC and Quota Based Options for LO V2 with contributions to 20180703 (For Disc)
Paper 5.3 Fishing Opportunities 2019 (For Info)
Paper 5.3 Fishing Opps 2019 Annex 1
Paper 5.4 LO Outstanding Uncertainties and Questions V5 (For Disc)
Paper 5.5 Landing Obligation for Brown Shrimp Fishery (For Info)
Paper 6.1 Commission letter on sea bass (For Info)
Paper 6.2 ICES Advice sea bass June 2018 (For Info)
Paper 6.3 Bass Conservation in the context of the EU LO (For Disc)
Paper 7.1 Eel Management Consultation Request (For Info)
Paper 9.1 G. Mato Request for Advice – Targets and Mesh Sizes (For Info)
Paper 9.1 Annex 1 COMMISSION SERVICES NON PAPER Tech Regs Targets (For Info)
Paper 9.1 Annex 2 Possible alternative on mesh sizes (For Info)
Paper 9.2 Conservation and Protection Through Technical Measures Draft (For Disc)

2018_July11_NSAC_Edinburgh_ICES_Advice Part 1
2018_July11_NSAC_Edinburgh_ICES_Advice Part 2
Pandora Introduction Presentation_North Sea