Demersal Working Group – 14th February 2019 – London

The meeting of the Demersal Working Group held in London on 14th February 2019 from 10:30-15:30 hrs at Mothers’ Union, London.

Demersal WG 20190214 London MReport 2

Demersal WG 20190214 London Draft Agenda (3)

Paper 2.1 Demersal WG 20181017 Brussels MReport 1 – For approval
Paper 4.1 Press Release December Council 2019 Fishing Quotas – For information
Paper 4.2 Details of the Agreement December Council 2019 Fishing Quotas – For information
UPDATED: Paper 4.3a Tentative list of meeting days – Scheveningen Group 2019 – updated Feb 2019
UPDATED: Paper 4.3b Themes for the Danish Chairmanship of the Scheveningen Group in 2019 – Updated Feb 2019
Paper 4.4 DiscardLess Conference Agenda 30-31 January 2019 – For information
Paper 4.5 Notes of presentations at Discardless Conference (by Noor Visser) – For information
Paper 6.1 Draft Advice on the Revision of the Control Regulation – For discussion
Paper 7.1 Agenda MIACO 2019 – For information
Paper 8.1 Science Based Fisheries Policy Jan 19 – Discussion paper by Barrie Deas

ADDITIONS Skates and Rays:
Paper 4.6a Scheveningen Group Letter to NSAC 2018.10.12
Paper 4.6b NSAC letter to Maarten Wegen 25.10.2018
Paper 4.6c Roadmap Skates and Rays Main
Paper 4.6d Draft letter NWWAC written by Barrie Deas

Presentation of Heidi Guille on the Roadmap skates and rays