NSAC Executive Committee – 4th October 2017, Malta

The Executive Committee meeting was held on 4th October  in Malta.

Ex Com 20171004 Malta Agenda (3)

Report of the Meeting  
Ex Com 4th Oct 17 Malta MReport 1

Paper 4.1 Report of Meeting 13-14 June 2017 (For App)
Paper 9.1 Managing Fisheries in the LO V7 (For App)
Paper 10.1 Prohibited Species Listing (For App)
Paper 13.1 NSAC Advice Pipeline (For Disc)
Paper 15.1 NSAC Finance Report (For Info)
Paper 16.1 Rules of Procedure rev 2017 (For App)
Paper 16.2 Delegated Reg (EU)2017-1575
Paper 17.1 Service Contracts 17-18 (For App)

Dr H Sparholt Presentation