NSAC Executive Committee – 20th September 2018 – Brussels

The Executive Committee met on Thursday 20th September 2018 in Brussels

Report of the Meeting 
Ex Com 20180920 Brussels MReport DRAFT 1

NSAC EXCOM 20180920 Agenda 4

Paper 2.1 Report of Ex Com 19-20 June 2018 (For Approval)
Paper 5.1 LO Issues for Dec Council V4 (For Approval)
Paper 5.2 Eel Management (For Discussion) withdrawn
Paper 6.1 Port Waste Reception Facilities (For Approval)
Paper 6.2 Prohitited Species Letter (For Approval)
Paper 7.1 Sweden Proposals for Fisheries Conservation Management in the Kattegat (For Approval)
Paper 7.2 Whiting in IIIa Draft2 (For Disc)
Paper 10.1 Future of the NSAC (For Discussion)
Annex I Memorandum of Association
Annex II Proposed Statutes for the NSAC
Annex III Draft Transfer Agreement
Paper 11.1 Membership Update (For Discussion)
Paper 13.1 NSAC Workplan 2018-19 (For Information)
Paper 13.2 2018-19 Budget (For Information)
Paper 14.1 Monthly Budget Report (For Information)
Paper 15.1 NSAC Advice Protocol (For Information)