Landing Obligations Focus Group – 20 April 2018, The Hague, Netherlands

The Landing Obligations Focus Group meeting took place on Friday 20th April 2018 in The Hague.

LOFG 20180420 Den Haag AGENDA (3)

Paper 2.1 LO Issues for Sch Group (V3) (For Information)
Paper 2.2 Summary Document (For Information)
Paper 2.3 Draft Joint Recommendation for 2019 (For Information)
Paper 2.3 Annexes JR for 2019 (For Info)
Paper 3.1a Choke species analysis 2018.03.01 (For Info)
Copy of Choke species analysis version 2018.03.19. Note updated version
Paper 3.1 b Choke species analysis 2018.03.01 explanatory note (For Info)
Choke species analysis version 2018.03.19 explanatory note Note updated version
Paper 3.1c NS choke mitigation tool final version 2017 23 11 (For Info)
Paper 3.2 Briefing note on TACs for NSAC (For Info)