NSAC Executive Committee – 19th – 20th June 2018, London

The Executive Committee met in London on 19th – 20th JuneĀ  2018.

Report of the MeetingĀ 
Ex Com 20180619 London MReport APPROVED

NSAC EXCOM 20180619 Agenda 5

Paper 2.1 Report of Ex Com 20180306 Gothenburg (For App)
Paper 4.1 TACs and Conditions for their Approval (For Approval)
Paper 4.3 NSAC Response to SCIPs Consultation (For Approval)
Paper 4.4 Com Services Non Paper – Tech Measures (For Disc)
Paper 6.1 NSAC Engagement with TenneT (For Approval)
Paper 6.2 Ports Waste Reception Facilities (For Discussion)
Paper 9.1 Note of Sch HLG Meeting 20180523 (For Info)
Paper 11.1 NSAC Forward Plan (For Information)
Paper 12.1 Appointments and contracted services (For Information)

DG Mare Presentation for Council and ACs
DG Mare EMFF post 2020 presentation