NSAC Executive Committee – 6th March 2018, Gothenburg

The Executive Committee meeting was held on 6th March 2018 in Gothenburg.

Ex Com 20180306 Gothenburg MReport1

NSAC EXCOM 20180306 Agenda 2

Paper 2.1 Report of Ex Com 4th Oct 17 (For Approval)
Paper 5.1 Report of Brexit Meeting 20180201 (For Approval)
Paper 6.1 Report of Ex Com Meeting with DG Mare (For Approval)
Paper 7.1 Tech Con Regulation Letter (For Approval)
Paper 11.1 NSAC Advice Pipeline (For Info)
Paper 14.1 2016-17 Year End Report (For Info)
Paper 14.2 2016-17 Audited Accounts (For Info)
Paper 14.3 2017-18 Budget Report (For Info)
Paper 16.1 Membership Update (For App)