Pulse Fishing Focus Group – 5th March 2015, Amsterdam

The Pulse Focus Group met in Amsterdam on 5th March 2015.

NSAC Pulse FG 2015 05 05 Ams Agenda 3

Report of the Meeting
20150305 Ams PFG MReport 1

Paper 3.1 Meeting report 20150123 (For App)
Paper 4.1 Dutch derogation (Eng)
Paper 4.2 Ans to Legal frame
Paper 5.1 Ans to research
Paper 5.2 Reply to CNPMEM discards
Paper 5.3 IMARES Pulse Trawl 2013
Paper 5.4 Shrimp research agenda
Paper 5.5 tender flatfish trawl
Paper 6.1 Pulse Trawling in the N Sea (For Disc)
Paper 6.1 Pulse Trawling amended (For Disc)

Marloes Kraan Lessons learned