NSAC Funding

The NSAC is funded by annual fees from its members, a contribution from the relevant Member States and a maximum contribution of €300,000 from the European Commission.

You can view this years budget by downloading this document. NSAC Budget App Nov 2018 – March 19 (V2)

Audited Accounts for Previous Years

NSAC Audited Accounts 2016/17 2016-2017 Audited Accounts
NSAC Audited Accounts 2015/16 signed 2016 full accounts
NSAC Audited Accounts 2014/15 North Sea Advisory Council full accounts 201415
NSAC Audited Accounts 2013/14  Final accounts 160215

Company Directors

Niels Wichmann
Danish Fisherman's Association
Michael Park
Scottish Fisherman's Association
Guus Pastoor
EU Fish Processors Association

Legal Status

NSAC is a not for profit organisation, a company registered in Scotland, Limited by Guarantee (Registration number SC273169).

NSAC is a body pursuing an aim of general European interest, as set out in European Council Decision 2007/409/EC of June 2007 amending Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy.