NSAC Structure

The North Sea Regional Advisory Council (NSAC) has a two tier structure; a General Assembly and a smaller Executive Committee. The General Assembly meets once a year to approve the overall strategy of the NSAC and to oversee the work of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets 3 times a year.

The Chairman of the General Assembly is Guus Pastoor

The Chairman of the Executive Committee is Kenn Skau Fischer.

There are 2 Vice Chairmen of the Executive Committee, these posts are currently held by Michael Park and Irene Kingma.

NSAC Chairmen and Vice Chairmen

Niels Wichmann
Chairman Executive Committee
Mike Park of Box Pool Solutions Limited' at theeir box store at Aberdeen Harbour. see business story.
Picture by COLIN RENNIE  May 1, 2009.        .
Michael Park
Vice Chair Executive Committee
Irene@London Aquarium
Irene Kingma
Vice Chair Executive Committee
Guus Pastoor
Chairman General Assembly

Chairmen Of The Working Groups


Barrie Deas

Skagerrak & Kattegat

Kenn Skau Fischer


Euan Dunn

NSAC Working Groups

The work of the NSAC is delivered by 3 Working Groups: Demersal, Skagerrak & Kattegat and Ecosystem. These groups each meet 2 to 4 times a year to consider and discuss a number of current and emerging topics and to develop advice and policy on behalf of the NSAC membership.

Once finalised, advice developed by the Working Groups is presented to the Executive Committee for approval. A Working Group may be supported by a number of Focus Groups.

NSAC Focus Groups

Focus Groups are smaller groups which are set up to draft advice on one specific topic. Focus Groups are flexible in their approach drawing in representatives and experts from a number of sources including scientists, fishers, environmental specialists, economists and others.

They are short lived, concluding once the piece of work they are addressing is finalised. Where a Focus Group has a high number of members a smaller group may be appointed to work on the drafting of advice.